7 Reasons to Be Thankful for Invisalign

There are dozens and dozens of reasons to be thankful for Invisalign treatment. Many patients, though, find themselves naming the following characteristics as their favorite parts about this cosmetic dentistry option and orthodontic alternative.

1. Clear aligners.

The biggest draw of Invisalign is, of course, how discreet they are. Anyone who wants straight teeth but isn’t interested in drawing attention to a smile covered in brackets and wires are curious about the nature of Invisalign aligners. These super-thin, completely clear trays fit so snugly against the teeth that they’re nearly impossible to see and get the hard work done of aligning a smile without drawing attention to their presence.

2. Efficient treatment.

Average treatment time for Invisalign is about one year for most patients. Depending on the complexity of the misalignment, more time may be needed to get teeth where they need to be. Patients who only need a few gaps closed, teeth tweaked, or relapses corrected from earlier orthodontic treatment are looking at merely months of treatment time.

3. Easy to clean.

There isn’t much effort that needs to go into cleaning Invisalign aligners. A daily soaking is recommended to make sure they stay completely clear, stain-free, odor-free, and free of bacteria and food particles, but other than this minor effort, all you need to do is brush them. And keep your teeth super clean too.

4. No food restrictions.

You can eat whatever you want while undergoing Invisalign treatment. Ask any patient wearing conventional braces and they’ll tell you that food restrictions are their biggest pet peeve. The only thing you must do is remove the trays before ingesting any food or beverage other than water so they don’t get damaged or discolored.

5. Ideal for adults and teens.

Invisalign works the same way for everyone – clear trays that align teeth and require the same attention to detail. Invisalign Teen differs only slightly from the adult version of this treatment in that the trays have eruption tabs for incoming teeth, as well as indicator dots that wear off to show compliance with wearing the trays as often as instructed.

6. Perfect fit.

There are tiny shapes known as attachments that most Invisalign patients have temporarily bonded to their tooth enamel to make the aligners fit more snugly. The attachments are difficult to see and their job is an important one, ensuring that Invisalign works as well as possible and moves teeth where they need to go.

7. Total freedom.

Freedom and Invisalign go hand in hand. Though there are rules to follow with this treatment and obligations you must honor, the trays are always removable. No other orthodontic treatment offers such freedom. Every day, you get a little bit of time off from wearing anything on your teeth, and that’s something to be thankful for.

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