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    When it comes to cutting-edge dental care, laser dentistry is at the top of the list, with the capability to treat and correct multiple oral health problems. From making cosmetic changes to dental restorations, laser dentistry treatments are effective, long-lasting, and easy on the patient. Lasers deliver energy in the form of light and can be used in dentistry to vaporize or cut tissue, deliver a deep teeth cleaning, or serve as a heat source. At Impressions Dental in Chandler, AZ, we employ laser technology in several areas of dental care to give our patients healthy teeth and gums and beautiful smiles.

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    Deep Teeth Cleaning Using Laser Technology

    If you develop gingivitis, the earliest stage of gum disease, it can be treated with deep teeth cleaning.

    • Unlike the typical teeth cleaning performed at regular dental visits, a deep teeth cleaning is an advanced treatment that uses laser dentistry.
    • Cleaning is done far below the gum line and breaks up the plaque and tartar that cause swollen and inflamed gums.
    • Laser therapy encourages the rejuvenation of good gum health so your mouth can get back to its cleanest form.
    • The treatment is non-invasive, which makes healing time shorter and easier.

    Only your Chandler dentist can eliminate gingivitis and prevent the development of more advanced stages of gum disease through specialized laser therapy.

    The Role of Lasers in Gingival Sculpting

    Feel like you have a gummy smile? Too much gum tissue and not enough tooth enamel showing? No matter which of these smile complaints is yours, gingival sculpting serves as a sophisticated laser dentistry procedure that removes unwanted gum tissue permanently.

    • Your dentist moves the laser carefully around each tooth, meticulously removing, trimming, and shaping unwanted gum tissue.
    • For most patients, the process takes only about 30 minutes to complete.
    • Whether your gummy smile is caused by poorly erupted teeth, lip size, or gum overgrowth, your smile can be dramatically transformed with lasers.
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    Professional Teeth Whitening Through Laser Dentistry

    There are many significant differences between over-the-counter teeth whitening and professional teeth whitening, but one of the biggest differences is the use of laser dentistry.

    • In-office whitening procedures employ a powerful bleaching solution.
    • Customized bleach is applied to the surface of the teeth.
    • The solution is activated through the heat of laser energy.
    • The result is a bright white smile, and it can all happen in about an hour.

    Benefits of Minimally Invasive Laser Dentistry for Anxious Dental Patients

    If you suffer from dental anxiety, it helps to know you can get the dental care you need – whether cosmetic or restorative – without scalpels, sutures, pain, or extended treatment time.

    • Laser dentistry simplifies the treatment you’re scheduled to undergo.
    • Whether you suspect gum disease, are unhappy with the appearance of your gums, or want whiter teeth, laser technology makes each process easier.
    • Lasers are generally quiet, without any sort of sound like the dental drill, and this is a comfort alone that can make a procedure seem less invasive.
    • If you are still anxious even knowing the gentleness of laser therapy, sedation dentistry is always an option to help get you through your treatment calmly and comfortably.
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    Get Laser Dentistry from Your Chandler Dentist

    Laser dentistry treatments are not available at all dental offices. If you want to take advantage of this specialized treatment, schedule a consultation at Impressions Dental in Chandler, AZ, to discuss your smile goals and concerns. The dental team at Impressions Dental is experienced at transforming smiles and making them healthier with the power of lasers. Discover just how friendly modern dentistry is for every patient.