Is Invisalign Covered By Insurance?

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    If you want to pursue a straight smile using Invisalign, paying out of pocket for the entire treatment can feel daunting. There are dental insurance options that make this smile makeover feel like it’s within reach. In many cases, orthodontic benefits can be added to existing insurance, or patients can opt for dental insurance that includes Invisalign coverage. At Impressions Dental in Chandler, AZ, our team is dedicated to helping you interpret Invisalign and your insurance, so you know whether this advanced treatment is possible.

    Invisalign and Your Insurance - Impressions Dental Will Help You Find Out
    Find Out If Invisalign Is Covered by Insurance - Impressions Dental Can Help

    Find Out If Invisalign Is Covered by Insurance

    Many dental insurance cover Invisalign treatment and other orthodontic options. The kind of insurance you have, the coverage you pay for, and your dentist’s diagnosis all factor into what’s possible when it comes to Invisalign and your insurance. Here are how things often work:

    • A specific dollar amount may be allocated to Invisalign treatment.
    • A percentage of Invisalign treatment may be covered.
    • There may be a lifetime cap on orthodontic treatment.
    • Coverage limits may exist based on the chosen insurance plan and family members who plan to take advantage of the benefits.

    Your dental office can tell you a little about your benefits, but the best way to research Invisalign and your insurance is to contact the insurance carrier directly or speak with your human resources representative. Ask about open season for changing insurance preferences, especially if you’re planning on Invisalign for yourself or your teen. It’s good to plan as some insurance carriers require that you hold dental coverage for six months or more before the benefits can be used.

    Invisalign Payment Methods with or Without Insurance

    Invisalign treatment is affordable. Though the $3,000 to $7,000 price tag may sound daunting, payment plans fulfilled over the course of treatment make the cost affordable. Whether you have dental insurance that covers or partially covers the treatment, you can use other payment methods to supplement, such as:

    • Financing: Impressions Dental is affiliated with CareCredit, which offers flexible financing options and reasonable payment plans.
    • In-house payment options: Talk to your dentist about in-house financing options, monthly payments, and other discounts.
    • Health savings account (HSA): If you have a dedicated amount of money set aside in an HSA every year, these funds can be used for dental costs like Invisalign.
    • Flexible savings account (FSA): Putting money into an FSA throughout each year means funds may be available to use for Invisalign.
    • Cash, check, or credit card: It is always possible to pay for treatment, or a portion of treatment, with cash or check or an existing credit card.

    Never hesitate to have a conversation with your Chandler dentist about what Invisalign treatment will cost for your unique oral health needs and how it can be affordable thanks to creative financing, reasonable payments, and insurance options.

    Invisalign Payment Methods with or Without Insurance - Impressions Dental Will Help Determine What is Right for You
    Understand Invisalign and Your Insurance in Chandler - Impressions Dental Is Right for You

    Understand Invisalign and Your Insurance in Chandler

    Do your research, have a conversation with your Chandler dental office, and ask which insurance plans our practice is in network with as you plan for Invisalign treatment. The more information you gather, you’ll discover that this cosmetic dentistry treatment is more affordable than you ever realized – and your potential to achieve a straight, healthy smile is entirely possible.

    At Impressions Dental, we want to help you get the smile you want. Invisalign and your insurance is just one hurdle to overcome – dentistry is accessible and affordable with the right dental practice on your side. Contact us to schedule a consultation, learn about your benefits, and find out if Invisalign is right for you.