3 Signs You’re a Great Dental Implant Candidate

A person with missing teeth has several options for filling the holes in their smile. Depending on how many teeth are missing, you might be eligible for a dental bridge, dentures, or the highly coveted dental implants. When it comes to replacing missing teeth, patients know they are doing right by their oral health with dental implants as a permanent solution – now here’s how you become a great dental implant candidate.

Characteristics Your Dentist Needs to See

There are three important things that every dental implant candidate must have to make this restorative dentistry solution right for them. Whether you are missing an entire arch of teeth, a few teeth, or just one tooth, your dentist will give you a dental exam and be looking for:

  1. Great bone density: The jawbone and sinuses must have an adequate amount of space within them, so the dental implants fit securely and properly. Some patients may not have the density needed originally, but qualify for gum grafts which make dental implant surgery possible.
  2. Excellent jaw strength: The jawbone does a lot of heavy lifting, holding the dental implant in place so it fuses with the bone. The implant itself, after all, takes the place of the original tooth root which keeps the tooth in place and helps maintain face shape. Your jaw must be strong enough to handle the entire implant and the healing process and manage the presence of the dental implants.
  3. Healthy gum tissue: No matter what type of restorative dentistry you undergo – dental implants or otherwise – your gums must be healthy. Every repair must be built on a strong foundation, which means gums must be free of gum disease and any other type of infection first. It may take a little time to clean up your oral health, but the wait is worth it when the result is a complete smile.

Don’t Hold Back from Completing Your Smile

Sometimes, potential dental implant candidates hold themselves back from consulting their dentist because they don’t think they’re the right kind of person for such a restoration. Here are two things to know:

  • You can have smile imperfections. Your smile doesn’t have to be perfectly straight, white, or flawless to make you a good dental implants candidate. The most important thing is replacing teeth that are missing and getting a functional smile back in working order. Cosmetic dentistry can be considered later to brighten up your smile if that’s what you want.
  • It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been missing teeth: Even if the holes in your smile have been there for quite some time, dental implants may still be an option. The longer you wait to replace a missing tooth, the more likely neighboring teeth are to shift out of place and cause damage, so consult your dentist immediately to find out what’s possible. There are some people – especially those who lose a tooth to extraction or an accident or injury – who may need to wait for some healing before surgery can occur. Patience is important.

No matter what’s going on with your smile, no matter how many teeth you may be missing, there is always a restorative dentistry solution. Contact Impressions Dental in Chandler, AZ, to discuss all viable options and find out if you are a good dental implants candidate.