How Dental Implants Work

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    Dental implants replace a missing tooth both above and below the gumline. A permanent tooth replacement that looks and feels like a natural tooth, a dental implant is a common dental surgery that corrects an incomplete smile. At Impressions Dental in Chandler, AZ, Dr. Brigham Baker and his team offer this restorative dentistry solution to qualified patients.

    how dental implants work
    how dental implants work

    Dental Implants Components

    To truly understand how dental implants work, it’s important to know what they’re made of. Each implant is made of three parts, and each is necessary to create a strong, durable restoration:

    • Post: Most dental implants are made of a small, manmade, titanium post that is surgically implanted into the jawbone and replaces the missing tooth root.
    • Abutment: The abutment is attached to the post and is positioned for a small amount to poke out above the gumline so the prosthetic tooth can be attached to it.
    • Restoration: A crown, dental bridge, or denture is attached to the abutment for a permanent restoration that looks natural, feels natural, and functional flawlessly.

    Before, During, and After Dental Implant Surgery

    It’s important to have patience when you undergo a dental implant procedure. From start to finish, this repair can take up to six months, but the results are worth your patience. Even though you only need to visit your Chandler dentist a handful of times, all the following steps must occur for the procedure to be complete:

    • Before: Your dentist will evaluate your oral health to determine if you are qualified for a dental implant procedure. X-rays, impressions, and 3D images will show whether you have enough bone density to fuse with an implant.
    • During: When the surgery gets a green light, you can be sedated for the procedure if you choose. The post of the implant is surgically placed under the gumline.
    • After: The healing time will be the longest time in the dental implant process. The surgical area must fully heal and the bone and implant must adapt to each other. This can take three to four months to complete. Once the implant is solidly in place, the crown will be secured and your smile makeover will be done.
    how dental implants work
    how dental implants work

    Dental Implants Make a Dramatic Difference

    As you gather information about how dental implants work, it’s important to understand how dramatically missing teeth can affect your appearance and oral health. Missing teeth are not just an aesthetic problem, they’re a functional and foundational issue too. You need all of your teeth to set yourself up for the best oral health possible. Here are just some of the benefits that come from getting dental implants:

    • Excellent oral health: Missing teeth are not just unsightly, their absence allows remaining teeth to shift to fill the space, causing tissue damage. Dental implants, however, fill the hole in your smile so teeth stay where they belong and your smile stays strong and healthy.
    • Strong jawbone: Your face shape is determined by your jawbone. When you have missing teeth, the bone structure in that area is compromised. Over time, and without intervention, your jaw shape will begin to sink in on itself. With the help of dental implants, the structure of natural teeth is copied and this prevents facial collapse and preserves the jawbone.
    • Incredible confidence: People with missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures are often self-conscious. To transform yourself, you need only say yes to dental implants. You’ll never have to worry about adhesives, unreliable teeth, soreness, biting and chewing problems, or altered speech ever again.

    Find Out How Dental Implants Work in Chandler, AZ

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    How Dental Implants Work