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    Your cosmetic dentist at Impressions Dental in Chandler, AZ, offers two orthodontic options that are both discreet and user-friendly: Invisalign and ImpressAlign. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Brigham Baker and his team to find out if you are a good candidate for either of these cosmetic dentistry treatments and get on the route to a straight, beautiful smile.

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    Make the Right Orthodontic Choice

    There are many modern orthodontics available. Most adults, and plenty of teens, however, are interested in the version that draws little attention to itself and works as quickly as possible. Invisalign and ImpressAlign fit into both categories.

    If you want an alignment method that helps you avoid brackets, wires, and their jabbing discomfort and visibility, you will naturally be drawn to clear alignment methods. The key is to select the orthodontics that are best for the misalignment problems you’re experiencing. Dr. Baker will review your oral health through a dental exam and digital imaging to determine what treatment is best for your smile makeover.

    Everyone Loves Invisalign

    Invisalign has been around for decades and remains as popular as ever. This alignment method has evolved over the years and now there are several options available to suit patients and their unique needs, including:

    • Invisalign Full or Complete is the wearing of aligners on top and bottom teeth for about a year or more. It corrects overbites, underbites, open bites, cross bites, and other major malocclusions.
    • Invisalign Lite works just like Invisalign Full but in about half the treatment time. It’s meant to correct minor overcrowding or spacing issues.
    • Invisalign Teen is made just for adolescents and can improve bite, jaw positioning, and leave room for teeth that have yet to erupt.
    • Invisalign Express is the shortest treatment, lasting about three to six months, and corrects minor spaces or relapses from previous orthodontic treatment.
    Everyone Loves Ivisalign - Impressions Dental
    IMpress Align - Impressions Dental


    ImpressAlign is Impressions Dental’s very own clear alignment method. A patient can qualify for one of three levels of treatment depending on what’s happening with their teeth and bite.

    • Level 1 ImpressAlign corrects small gaps or a few crooked teeth. This is a great option for patients who had braces before but have suffered relapses. (Includes up to 10 trays)
    • Level 2 ImpressAlign fixes minor to moderate bit problems and basic misalignment. (Includes up to 20 trays)
    • Level 3 ImpressAlign is the most in-depth version of this treatment and targets major misalignments like overbites, underbites, open bites, and cross bites. (Includes 20+ trays)

    Living with Orthodontics

    Whether you wear Invisalign or ImpressAlign, you will enjoy clear, smooth, super-thin, snug-fitting trays that are customized to align your smile and yours alone. The following rules apply:

    • Wear trays 20 to 22 hours a day
    • Change trays every two weeks
    • Remove aligners for all meals and snacks
    • Clean teeth before putting trays in place

    Both types of orthodontics work the same way, consistently moving teeth into alignment until the entire smile is straightened out. This gentle movement allows for a tolerable and more comfortable treatment than any other type of orthodontics.

    Living with Orthodontics - Impressions Dental
    Cost Factors for Orthodontics - Impressions Dental

    Cost Factors for Orthodontics

    Everyone who qualifies for orthodontic treatment has a unique case that will influence the cost factors. Invisalign and ImpressAlign will have a base price though that includes:

    • All trays (and a limited number of replacement trays)
    • Retainers
    • All visits to your Chandler dentist

    At Impressions Dental, we understand that oral health needs may not always align with a person’s budget. We work with our patients to find a solution so the needed dental care can be achieved, with or without insurance. This can include payment plans and reasonable financing options like CareCredit.

    Is Invisalign or ImpressAlign Right for You?

    If you want a straight smile but would prefer to avoid noticeable braces, schedule a consultation with Dr. Baker at Impressions Dental in Chandler, Arizona to find out if Invisalign or ImpressAlign are the right solution for you. These advanced orthodontics treatments allow adult and adolescent patients alike to have strong, straight, healthy smiles and feel confident about themselves through their treatment.

    Is Invisalign or ImpressAlign Right for You - Impressions Dental