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    There are plenty of ways to keep your mouth free of cavities. The only effort required is dedication to an oral health routine. At Impressions Dental in Chandler, AZ, our patients are educated about cavity prevention so we can help them maintain strong and healthy teeth and gums and avoid the development of tooth decay whenever possible.

    cavity prevention
    cavity prevention

    Proven Methods of Cavity Prevention

    Cavities are never convenient but if you do the bare minimum to keep decay at bay, you are less like to find yourself needing an emergency dental appointment. Keeping your mouth healthy requires only minutes a day. Here is the bare minimum when it comes to best practices and cavity prevention:

    • Establish an oral hygiene routine: Brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss at least once a day, and consider using mouthwash too, especially if you are prone to cavities. You can include a water pik in your routine to thoroughly remove particles between your teeth.
    • See your dentist regularly: When you visit your Chandler dentist every six months, you practice excellent cavity prevention. Hard-to-reach areas are cleaned, and a dental exam and teeth cleaning ensure that any problem areas are recognized and treated right away.
    • Get sealants and fluoride treatments: Though sealants and fluoride treatments are recommended for children to protect their newly erupted teeth, adults who are prone to cavities can benefit from these topical treatments that offer cavity prevention.
    • Drink more water: Water never takes the place of brushing and flossing, but when you don’t have another way to clean your teeth, swish water in your mouth. This effort is better than allowing bacteria or food particles to linger.
    • Limit sugary foods and drinks: If you have a habit of sipping on soda, coffee, or energy drinks throughout the day, your stamina might get a boost but your oral health will suffer. These beverages linger and bathe tooth enamel in sugar.

    Signs You’re Likely to Get Multiple Cavities

    Some people are far more susceptible to cavities than others. Here are some of the reasons that might put you into the category of needing cavity prevention:

    • DNA: Some people are simply born with thin or weak tooth enamel, which is automatically more likely to develop tooth decay.
    • Poor oral hygiene: Skipping teeth-brushings and neglecting to floss adds up and leads to cavities.
    • Jagged tooth enamel: When enamel is anything but smooth it’s easier for food particles and bacteria to latch on and stick around.
    • Hard-to-reach areas: You might be able to reach all your teeth, but you might not be able to reach every part of a tooth, especially when you have misalignment.
    • Dental anxiety: If you have a fear of the dentist, you may skip even regular cleanings, but 
    cavity prevention
    cavity prevention

    Treatments for Cavities

    Cavities never go away on their own. In fact, they will get progressively worse until you get dental care from a professional. That might include any of the following treatments depending on the size, location, and severity of the problem:

    • Tooth-colored filling: The most common repair for a cavity, a tooth-colored filling is tinted to look just like your natural tooth color and solidly repairs a compromised tooth.
    • Dental bonding: Smaller fillings can be treated with dental bonding, which is quickly and easily applied to the tooth in layers until covers the affected area.
    • CEREC same-day crown: A porcelain crown is often the best repair for a tooth with a very large cavity, covering it completely. Choose a dental office equipped with a CEREC machine to get a complete repair in one dental visit.

    Get Cavity Prevention Help from Your Chandler Dentist

    If you suspect that you have a cavity or are concerned about cavity prevention, contact Impressions Dental in Chandler, AZ, to schedule an appointment.

    cavity prevention