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    All tooth decay is preventable with an excellent oral health routine at home and regular visits to your dentist which keep bacteria and plaque from attacking tooth enamel. Preventive dentistry, after all, serves as the foundation of good oral health. The team at Impressions Dental in Chandler, AZ, are ready to help every patient keep tooth decay at bay, get rid of cavities, and maintain a strong, healthy smile.

    Causes of Tooth Decay

    Tooth decay can develop for many possible reasons, including the daily choices you make as well as genetics. Here are some of the most common causes of cavities:

    • Food and drink choices: Everything you eat or drink impacts the condition of your teeth. You might be diligent about taking care of your teeth but if you’re always popping sticky Skittles or bubble gum, you’re bathing your teeth in sugar and opening them up to tooth decay.
    • Habits: When you rely on coffee, soda, or energy drinks all day to keep you going, this might work as an appetite suppressant or energy creator, but it does nothing good for your teeth. Same with snacking all day, which might be helpful for someone who’s watching their weight, but it keeps teeth bathed in acids and food particles.
    • Lifestyle: Your daily life could get in the way of your oral health. When your job or parenting gets in the way of how you take care of yourself, teeth are often the first thing to suffer and not enough toothbrushing and flossing will lead to cavities.
    • Weak tooth enamel: Some people are simply born with thin or weak tooth enamel. Even if you clean your teeth carefully day and night, your risk of developing tooth decay is much higher than someone with strong enamel.
    • Misalignment: Teeth that overlap or are crooked are more difficult to clean thoroughly. This allows bacteria, plaque, and food to get caught in all the difficult spaces and cause cavities.
    • Tooth shape: Some people have bumpy molars or oddly shaped teeth that, instead of being smooth, are rough and full of miniscule craters that make them more susceptible to tooth decay.

    How to Prevent Tooth Decay

    Besides making smart choices about the food and drinks you put in your body every day, there are other ways to prevent your teeth from developing tooth decay.

    • Get professional teeth cleanings: Visit your dentist every six months so the hygienist can cleanse your teeth of plaque and bacteria, especially in hard-to-reach areas, and trouble spots can be identified before they become much larger problems.
    • Ask for sealants: Sealants are typically reserved for children and their newly erupted molars, but adults who regularly suffer from cavities could benefit from this treatment. The sealant is painted on the chewing surface of the tooth to cover up bumpy areas and protect against decay.
    • Consider porcelain crowns: Misshapen teeth attract cavities because of their composition but a customized porcelain crown covers the tooth completely. The crown smooths out all areas and minimizes the chances of tooth decay.

    Fix Tooth Decay in Chandler, AZ

    Tooth decay is a serious oral health problem. Without treatment, decay can develop into an infection, abscess, or gum disease. Early intervention in the form of tooth-colored fillings or dental bonding can correct the problem before it grows larger and save you from invasive restorative dentistry.

    Get all the help you need to maintain healthy teeth from Impressions Dental in Chandler, AZ, so you can avoid unnecessary dental complications. Contact us today to schedule a teeth cleaning, x-rays, or appointment, especially if you suspect you’re suffering from a cavity.