DIY vs. Professional Teeth Whitening

Many people adopt the idea that if they can do something themselves and do it well enough, why bother going to an expert. While such a belief might work in some aspects of life, when it comes to getting a whiter smile, you need your cosmetic dentist’s help more than you know. If you’re thinking about do-it-yourself products vs. professional teeth whitening, always go with the more advanced treatment for true, long-lasting results.

Drawbacks of Over-the-Counter Whitening Treatments

Why shouldn’t you whiten your own teeth? After all, the oral health care aisle at your local pharmacy is heavily stocked with toothpastes, gels, mouthwashes, strips, and more that promise to transform your smile. But whiter teeth aren’t always the result – disappointment is.

  • Room for user error: No matter how well you read instructions and how diligent you are about following the rules of whitening, it is always possible to miss part of a tooth or forget an element. Any small mistake can impact the effectiveness of an OTC whitening product and negatively affect your smile.
  • Can’t manage super-stained teeth: All tooth stains are not equal. Some come from years of coffee drinking or a love of dark soda. Others come from poor oral hygiene or DNA that simply cannot be whitened. A DIY product can’t tell you this information – or make a dent in your discoloration – but your experienced cosmetic dentist can explain it so you know when and how teeth can truly be whitened.
  • No corrections for restorations: If the smile you’re trying to whiten has one veneer or one crown or dental bonding or tooth-colored fillings, these restorations cannot be whitened along with your natural enamel. There will be white teeth in your mouth, but they won’t all match.

Perks of Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

There are plenty of good reasons to depend on your Chandler dentist to deliver a stunning smile makeover. Here are just three of them.

  • Professionals at work: You presumably go to a pro for haircuts. You see your doctors for care. You should see your dentist for everything having to do with your teeth. Be proud of your decision to get a whiter smile – your dentist is ready to help make that happen in the best and most effective way possible.
  • Overcome all stains: The best part of relying on your dentist for cosmetic dentistry is that you will get clear answers about the condition your teeth are in. You’ll know what the results of your treatment will be before you even begin, and you’ll get suggestions about how to get the true white smile you really want.
  • Correcting for restorations: If you have a porcelain crown or dental veneer and want to whiten the rest of your teeth, your dentist will set your expectations. You’ll know which teeth cannot be whitened and decide then if you want your teeth a certain shade of white or if you want to go ahead with the teeth whitening procedure then add a new veneer or crown to match.

Get the kind of teeth whitening or other cosmetic dentistry treatment that is best for your smile. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Brigham Baker and his team at Impressions Dental in Chandler, AZ.