3 Reasons to Get a Dental Implant After Tooth Extraction

No matter what problem has occurred with your oral health, tooth extraction is always last resort. Your dentist does whatever possible to save a natural tooth before resorting to pulling it. After all, once that permanent tooth is gone, it will never come back, but there is one way to replace it permanently: a dental implant.

1. Enjoy a Complete Restoration

There are several ways to replace missing teeth after a tooth extraction, including a dental bridge or a partial denture, but a dental implant is the most secure and complete repair. A dental implant replaces both tooth root and crown, creating a permanent, natural-looking solution in form and function. The manmade root that is surgically implanted fuses with the jawbone to maintain jaw health, while serving as an incredibly strong foundation for the crown attached above the gumline to complete your smile.

2. Fortify Your Smile

When you have a tooth extracted because of an injury or infection, getting it replaced is paramount. Otherwise, your smile will begin to deteriorate whether you like it or not. A missing tooth is a big problem, no matter where it’s located in your mouth. Even if you have a missing molar far in the back, you could suffer consequences like shifting teeth, tissue damage, and poor jaw health because of an absent tooth.

A dental implant not only fills the hole in your smile, it fills the gap in functionality. It takes on the chewing role of your missing tooth, and the speaking role, and it is a placeholder in the grand scheme of your oral health. Every tooth is important, and when one is lost, getting a dental implant in its place is the key to a complete smile.

3. Experience Growing Confidence

A missing tooth makes people feel self-conscious, especially if the tooth is prominent. The absence of a tooth also makes you look older, unhealthy, and like someone who doesn’t take care of their smile all that well. Your Chandler dentist is ready to help you feel better about yourself and restore your confidence. A complete smile makes smiling, speaking, and eating that much easier. You’ll feel like you have a natural tooth where the dental implant is and reap all the benefits of a carefully restored smile.

Get Dental Implants from Your Chandler Dentist

Tooth extraction is usually necessary because of a broken tooth root or bone fracture that cannot be repaired, gum disease that has affected the solidity of the tooth, or an abscess or deep tooth infection that cannot be repaired with root canal therapy. It is unhealthy to live with a dead tooth in your mouth or a tooth that is causing extreme pain. Extractions provide immediate relief from the discomfort you’re experiencing – and dental implants replace what was lost.

Dental implants are common after tooth extraction and, in fact, are highly recommended for qualified patients. Contact Impressions Dental in Chandler, AZ, today if you have a toothache, damaged tooth, or other dental emergency that requires immediate oral health care. Dental implants are almost always a viable solution to replace a missing tooth and they will complete your smile and make it healthy again.