ClearChoice Dental Implants Reviews, Costs & Complaints: Are They Legit?

Making the right choice for dental care is essential to ensure you receive quality treatment and achieve the best possible results. In recent years, ClearChoice has become a prominent name for dental implants. However, like any service, it’s essential to explore ClearChoice and determine if it is the right fit for you.

Let’s discuss ClearChoice reviews, costs, and complaints to help you make an informed decision.

ClearChoice Reviews

ClearChoice reviews offer insights into patients’ experiences. These reviews are on various platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. A quick search will reveal a mix of positive and negative reviews, which is expected for any company.

Some patients praise ClearChoice for their professionalism, excellent customer service, and successful results. However, others have complained about the high treatment costs and dissatisfaction with their outcome.

On the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, ClearChoice currently has a rating of 2.1 stars out of 5 based on ten customer reviews. Meanwhile, their average Trustpilot rating is 2.5 stars out of 5 based on 53 reviews. Additionally, of the 64 reviews on RealSelf, 11 reviews rate ClearChoice as “not worth it,” six reviews as “worth it,” four reviews as “not sure,” and the remaining 43 reviews were unrated.

A customer named Mark T. shared his experience on BBB, stating that he and his wife were “very happy” choosing ClearChoice for their dental implants. They were impressed with the staff’s professionalism, politeness, and care, leading to a successful outcome.

However, another customer with the username taken advantage of 1 expressed disappointment with her treatment on RealSelf. She cited that she paid $26,000 for her dental implants, but ClearChoice failed to disclose that she only received a temporary set. She also complained that ClearChoice did not itemize the procedure’s cost or include other charges in their consultation, which resulted in an unexpected price increase.

Another customer, Robert Weindel, expressed dissatisfaction with the treatment received at ClearChoice on Trustpilot. He mentioned that he had been struggling with his ClearChoice dental implants for three years, as there was a space between his gums and the implant. When he brought the issue to ClearChoice, they said seeing the dentist was not possible.

Every individual’s experience can vary, so it’s essential to thoroughly research and read various ClearChoice reviews before making a decision. Speaking with friends or family who have undergone dental implant treatment at ClearChoice may also be beneficial for getting their firsthand experience.

ClearChoice Dental Implants Costs and Prices

Cost is one of the most significant concerns for many individuals considering dental implants. The price of a single dental implant at ClearChoice may range from $1,500 to $6,000. For All-on-4 implants, the average cost may range from $35,000 to $55,000.

According to ClearChoice, the price of their dental implants is only one cost without any additional fees. This amount includes:

  • A pre-implant exam
  • The procedure itself
  • Custom prosthetic teeth
  • Post-treatment appointments and fittings

ClearChoice claims that there are no hidden costs or separate bills from different providers. However, it’s critical to note that some customers have shared their complaints about additional charges in their treatment on various review platforms.

Typical ClearChoice Complaints

While many patients have positive experiences with ClearChoice, there are also common complaints that you should consider.

Failure of Implants

Many patients have reported instances of implant failure after undergoing treatment at ClearChoice. Some negative reviews mention that the implants fell out or were loose after a short period. This issue can be a significant concern as dental implants are supposed to be a long-term solution for missing teeth.

High Costs

One of the most frequent complaints about ClearChoice is the high cost of their dental implants. The initial costs can be daunting for many individuals, especially since dental insurance typically does not cover the entire cost of implants. Some individuals may find that the total cost of their treatment is more than they had initially expected.

Unprofessionalism and Poor Communication

Numerous customers have complained about ClearChoice’s lack of professionalism and poor communication. Some reviews mention that they felt rushed through their appointments, and their questions and concerns were not adequately addressed. Others have stated that they felt ClearChoice was more interested in making money than providing quality patient care.

ClearChoice Failure Rates

Understanding the failure rates of dental implants is essential for evaluating the long-term success of ClearChoice procedures. There is limited data on the failure rates of ClearChoice dental implants, as the company does not publicly disclose this information. However, multiple negative reviews mention implant failure, which may indicate a higher-than-average failure rate.

Numerous factors can contribute to implant failure, including the patient’s overall health and lifestyle, proper implant placement, and post-procedure care. Therefore, it’s essential to thoroughly research and discuss with your dentist before deciding on ClearChoice for your dental implants.

ClearChoice Dental Lawsuits

In recent years, ClearChoice has faced multiple lawsuits from dissatisfied customers and former employees. These lawsuits typically involve the following allegations:

  • High-pressure sales tactics
  • Misrepresentation of dentists’ qualifications and experience
  • Failed procedures and substandard materials
  • Deceptive financing and bills

One notable lawsuit against ClearChoice was the 2016 case of John Doe. The plaintiff sued for the failure of 11 dental implants. ClearChoice settled the case for an undisclosed amount.

See dental implants facts and stats at impressions dental
Dental Implant Statistics 2024-2023

Statistics About Dental Implants and Clear Choice Dental Implants

To further understand the landscape of dental implants and, let’s examine some relevant dental implant statistics:

  • Dental implants have a success rate of approximately 90 to 95%.
  • Around 5 to 10% of dental implants may fail months or years after the procedure.
  • Three million people in the United States have dental implants, which may rise by 500,000 annually.
  • ClearChoice has helped over 145,000 people achieve a new smile since 2005.
  • ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers have over 96 locations across the United States.
  • The 100th ClearChoice Dental Implant Center opened in March 2024 in Rochelle Park, New Jersey.

While ClearChoice offers innovative solutions for dental implants and smile makeovers, carefully weigh the reviews, costs, and potential risks. For those seeking personalized care and transparent pricing, exploring options with a trusted local dentist like Impressions Dental may be the best choice.

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