4 Smart Reasons to Choose Invisalign

You have options when it comes to improving the appearance of your teeth. Some people like the idea of cosmetic dentistry, such as porcelain veneers, which transform the entire aesthetics of a smile. Other patients, however, also want to fix the form and function of their teeth so they have a healthier, stronger smile. That’s when it’s time to consider the many smart reasons to choose Invisalign.

Choose Invisalign and Change Your Life

Invisalign, believe it or not, is a life-altering smile makeover. Any type of well-done cosmetic dentistry is life-changing. How you feel about your teeth and overall appearance impacts how you feel about yourself in daily life, personally and professionally.

When you have a straight smile that looks great, eliminates pain, and gives you enviable teeth, you’ll feel on top of the world all the time. You’ll be proud to speak up, laugh, eat in front of others, and, most of all, smile.

Here are just some of the smart reasons to choose Invisalign and change your life:

  1. Discreet trays: The clear aligners used in Invisalign treatment are very thin and completely clear. When they snap onto your teeth, they’ll be barely noticeable, which means your treatment is as private as you want it to be and you’re under no obligation to tell others they’re on your teeth either.
  2. Efficient treatment: While the average Invisalign treatment takes about a year to complete, some patients with minor crowding or gaps sometimes wear their trays only half that time. There are different versions of Invisalign and your Chandler Invisalign provider will recommend the one that’s best for your oral health.
  3. Comfortable aligners: The work of Invisalign can feel just as aggressive as the work of traditional metal braces sometimes. After all, teeth and their roots are being permanently shifted into new places and you will notice this feeling. However, the trays themselves are smooth and don’t sport any hardware that could poke or irritate your cheeks and lips.
  4. Few restrictions: Just like any teeth-straightening method, there are rules that must be followed so all elements work as intended. The only Invisalign restrictions involve eating – trays must be removed before every meal or snack and teeth and aligners must be cleaned before being put back together.

Work Invisalign Into Your Lifestyle

Orthodontics don’t get much easier than Invisalign. This convenient treatment is, of course, a major obligation and requires daily attention to work properly. However, the convenience of wearing Invisalign cannot be overstated. The only things you must do when you choose Invisalign is wear the trays 20 to 22 hours a day, clean your teeth and trays, and visit your Chandler Invisalign provider as instructed.

These instructions only take a few minutes away from your day, so whether you’re working, in school, traveling, or doing anything else, Invisalign fits right in. Build your confidence, watch your smile transform before your very eyes, and end up with teeth that are stunningly straight and strong when you choose Invisalign.

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