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    Before you undergo any restorative dentistry treatment, it’s wise to learn as much as you can about the procedure. Through this dental implants FAQ, you will learn that dental implants are a complex but worthwhile restoration that replaces missing teeth permanently. At Impressions Dental in Chandler, AZ, Dr. Brigham Baker and his dental team create natural-looking, durable smiles for qualified candidates.

    dental implants faq
    dental implants faq

    What Do Dental Implants Feel Like?

    It’s natural to be concerned about any dental work, but one of the greatest things about dental implants is that they not only look like your natural teeth, they feel like they’ve always belonged in your mouth. You will not feel the dental implant once it is in place, though it does take time for the area to fully heal and the implant to integrate with the jawbone.

    How Long is the Dental Implant Procedure?

    The dental implant process can take several months from start to finish. You will need to make multiple visits to your Chandler dental office but the bulk of the time will be spent waiting for the surgical area to heal. Here is what to expect:

    • Consultation: Oral health is evaluated and digital images are taken to determine if you are a good candidate for this dental restoration.
    • Procedure: The implant is placed under the gumline into the jawbone and a temporary crown or denture is attached to the abutment so your smile is temporarily complete until permanent restorations are ready. The surgery usually takes one to two hours to complete.
    • Healing: The implant and the jawbone must fuse together successfully to ensure the restoration is firmly in place. This integral part of the process demands patience as the healing can take three to four months or longer.
    • Completion: The permanent dental restoration – whether dental crown, dental bridge, or permanent denture – is secured in place for a complete smile makeover.
    dental implant faq

    How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

    Dental implants, done well, are designed to last forever. Take care of your restorations like you would your natural teeth by brushing and flossing daily and seeing your dentist every six months for a dental exam and teeth cleaning and your dental implants can last a lifetime.

    Do I Need a Dental Implant for Every Tooth That’s Missing?

    Thanks to great innovations like All-On-4 dental implants, you do not need an implant for every missing tooth. If you’re missing an entire arch of teeth, four implants can be used to hold a permanent denture and complete your smile. Missing two or three teeth? One implant may be enough. Your dentist will determine what you need and discuss all the options before surgery is scheduled.

    Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

    Most people who are missing a tooth or teeth are a viable candidate for dental implants, regardless of age. There are some exceptions, though. You must have a strong jawbone to hold the implant. Your gums must also be free of disease or infection. Tending to complications like this will extend the time it takes to replace missing teeth, but the presence of gum disease, for example, does not automatically disqualify you as a good candidate for dental implants. Even if implants are not the answer, there are other ways to fill the holes in your smile, like with dentures or a dental bridge.

    Get Answers to Dental Implants FAQ from Your Chandler Dentist

    Dental restorations are a big procedure and patients understandably want to know what can be done about the holes in their smile. Go ahead and be curious, ask your questions, consult with your Chandler, AZ, dentist at Impressions Dental to learn more about dental implants and find out if you can complete your smile with this restoration.

    dental implants faq