What Happens on Your First Visit to the Orthodontics Office?

What Happens on Your First Visit to the Orthodontics Office?

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that focuses on diagnosing, preventing and fixing problems people have with their teeth. If these dental problems are left untreated, they could result in chewing difficulties, speech problems and a diminished appearance.

What happens during an orthodontic consultation with your dentist?

In orthodontics, a consultation is needed to determine if there is a problem, the extent of the problem and the treatment options available. The steps involved in the consultation process include:

  • Examining dental records: When a patient goes in for their first orthodontic consultation, the orthodontist will review the patient’s medical and dental history. The orthodontist may also take pictures of the patient’s mouth or a digital X-ray to get a better idea of what exactly the problem is.
  • Dental Examination: After taking pictures of the mouth, the orthodontist will examine the patient’s mouth to see what their teeth look like before coming up with a treatment plan.
  • Creating a treatment plan: After the examination, the next step is to come up with a treatment plan based on the best treatment options and the patient’s preferences. If the dentist recommends using braces to fix the problem, but the patient wants to fix their teeth more discreetly, the dentist can recommend an alternative treatment option like the use of clear aligners to correct the problem.
  • Go over the specifics: During an orthodontic consultation, the dentist will give the patient some time to ask questions about the treatment plan and any concerns they might have, to make sure that the patient fully understands what will happen before, during and after the procedure.
  • Financing the procedure: This part of the consultation involves going over the total cost of the procedure and payment options. Even though dental insurance covers most orthodontic procedures, some are not included, so it is imperative to talk about this. In some cases, orthodontists offer payment plans for those without insurance.

Making a decision

When the consultation at the orthodontics office is over, the patient can either decide to go with the dentist, seek another opinion or look for a better deal. If the treatment plan agreed upon is accepted, the next step will be to schedule a date to get the procedure done.

How long will the treatment take?

The length of time it will take to complete an orthodontic treatment depends on the treatment and the orthodontic appliance selected. For example, fixing crooked teeth with traditional braces ranges from six months to 24 months, while fixing the same problem using clear aligners like Invisalign® takes 12 to 18 months.

Will I have to make multiple trips to the orthodontist during the treatment?

Yes, people who use orthodontic devices have to make frequent trips to the orthodontist during the treatment to make sure that the treatment is going as expected. However, patients with traditional braces have to see the orthodontist more frequently because the wires on the braces need tightening when they get loose, which can only be done by a dentist.

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