How the Right Denture Repair Can Extend the Life of Your Dentures

How the Right Denture Repair Can Extend the Life of Your Dentures

How the Right Denture Repair Can Extend the Life of Your Dentures. Proper denture repair is important for those who want to extend the life of their full or partial set despite any breakage that has occurred. Although dental technology allows clinics and dentists to create durable dentures, wearers who drop them or knock them off a surface may discover a missing or cracked tooth as a result. Learning why to avoid do-it-yourself repairs and how to properly care for dentures can help denture-wearers enjoy trouble-free use in the future.

Common types of denture breakage

Sometimes dentures can break while being worn. A tough food may cause a single tooth to break, or the acrylic pink surface of the denture gums may become gouged or scratched by toothpick. When damage occurs, there are a few steps users can take to gauge the extent of the damage:

  • Removing the denture completely
  • Rinsing the set in warm water
  • Collecting any broken pieces

If the damage appears mild, some might consider a DIY repair. However, this is rarely the appropriate course of action when it comes to extending the life of the dentures.

The risk of at-home denture repairs

Some pharmacies and grocery stores sell at-home denture repair kits that allow wearers to fix dentures on their own. While this can be a reasonable solution for emergency repair, such as over the weekend when a dentist is not available, it may cause more troubles than it solves as a long-term solution.

The internet also offers at-home repair solutions, such as using powerful glues to affix a broken tooth back into place. However, since many types of glue are toxic, this can cause wearers to become ill if they use too much or accidentally swallow some. Overall, having broken dentures fixed by a dentist or dental clinic is typically the most effective way to extend their life.

The benefits of clinical repair

When dentures break, it can be a good idea to return them to the dentist who performed the original fitting. Not only will this individual likely have knowledge of patient history but also the tools and assistance for repairing the dentures. Dentists who perform this type of service may be able to fix the set that same day or advise their patients on how to proceed if the denture must be sent away for repair or replaced completely.

Learning better denture care

When dentists repair dentures, users may benefit from the process by learning better denture care techniques. Not only can this help lengthen the life of the dentures, but it may also prevent common accidents that cause them to break. For example, cleaning or brushing dentures over the sink could cause them to shatter if they are dropped, so consider placing a towel in the sink to prevent this. Learning proper brushing and fitting techniques helps denture wearers avoid bad breath and gum pain that can occur when dentures are not worn properly.


At-home denture repair can cause irreparable damage to these dental appliances and an added cost if the fix must be undone by a dentist. Professional repair and adjustment is generally the better option, especially if those wearing the dentures want them to last.

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