Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

Customized mouth guards protect athletes from damage to their teeth, gums, and mouth when they’re actively involved in a game or match. No matter what sport you play, a mouth guard will safeguard your teeth from themselves and from collisions with other players or athletic equipment. Always rely on the dental team at Impressions Dental in Chandler, AZ, to provide you with the right kind of protective mouth gear so you can play your sport without worry.

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    Prevent Sports-Related Dental Injuries with a Customized Mouth Guard

    Whether you are a student athlete or an adult intramural player, there are several types of mouth guards available over the counter that claim to guard against sports-related dental injuries. A one-size-fits all solution is convenient and inexpensive, but it is not designed to fit snugly. Unfortunately, some of these boil-and-bite guards can do more harm than good.

    Here’s what you can expect from a mouth guard provided by your Chandler dentist:

    • Customized: A customized, clear mouth guard is designed after your dentist has taken careful measurements and made an impression of your mouth.
    • Professionally made: The guard is crafted in a dental lab to the exact specifications of your teeth – even if you wear braces.
    • Secure fit: A mouth guard created just for your mouth will stay in place and intact when you need it most.
    • Reduced likelihood of injury: You minimize the risk of most mouth and dental injuries should you collide with another player, a ball, a bat, a puck, or the ground. Professionally made mouth guards absorb shock and limit movement.

    Protective Sports Guards Minimize Risk of Dental Damage


    Cleats, pads, helmets, and uniforms are basic sporting gear that any player of a high-contact or even minimal-contact sport would be crazy to leave behind when they play a game. A mouth guard fits into this category too and is an essential piece of sporting equipment for athletes of all ages.

    If you don’t wear a mouth guard while playing sports, you are taking a major risk and could suffer from any of the following dental damage should you suffer a direct hit to the mouth:

    • Knocked out tooth
    • Dislodged tooth
    • Chipped tooth
    • Broken tooth
    • Damaged braces
    • Cut lips
    • Jaw damage
    • Nerve damage

    Every game is safer when you wear a mouth guard. Even when a sports guard isn’t mandatory, wearing one is the smart choice. Sometimes you simply can’t see an elbow jab, a hit, or a ball before it reaches you – and if you’re playing the game as hard as you want to be, the last thing you want to worry about is a tooth getting forced up into your gums or biting down hard on your cheek or lip. Mouth guards prevent dental emergencies – it’s that simple. Remember every game you play because you played your best, not because you left the game with an injury.

    Get a Mouth Guard from Your Chandler Dentist


    Before your season begins, make an appointment with Impressions Dental in Chandler to be fitted for a customized mouth guard. You will have a device that has been made to your exact specifications so it will remain firmly in place no matter how fast you run or how hard you hit the ball. Playing sports is a demanding and physical activity – you need a mouth guard that can stand up to those demands.

    Face and mouth injuries are common among athletes, though some sports are far more dangerous than others. The American Dental Association reports that the likelihood of sustaining a dental injury is almost two times higher when not wearing a mouth guard. This small, simple device can save you from pain, lost teeth, severe cuts, and reconstructive dentistry.

    You only get one set of adult teeth. Take the time to protect them. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to be fitted for a mouth guard.


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