Tips and Tricks for Dental Hygiene

Tips and Tricks for Dental Hygiene

If you are willing to put in the effort, you can dramatically improve your dental hygiene.  Part of the challenge is figuring out how to perform an in-depth cleaning of your teeth. Here is a look at some helpful tips and tricks for dental hygiene that will keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape.

Helpful dental hygiene tips

Stick to an Evening Dental Cleaning Routine

Do not wait to brush your teeth until after you have dozed off in front of the TV or computer.  You should devote at least five to ten minutes to performing a thorough cleaning of your mouth each night.  If you are alert, you will perform a comprehensive mouth cleaning that prevents tooth decay, gum disease and other problems.

Rinse Your Mouth in a Strategic Manner

It does not make sense to rinse off toothpaste remaining on your teeth following a brushing session.  Leave the toothpaste directly on your teeth and gums after brushing.  Toothpaste has fluoride and other properties that combat tooth decay while bolstering the teeth.  So go ahead and rinse out your mouth between flossing and brushing.

Say Sayonara to Toothbrushes Older Than Three Months

If your toothbrush is two or three months of age, it is time to replace it.  Toothbrush bristles gradually wear down to the point that they become ineffective.  So be sure to toss that old toothbrush following a couple months of use.  

Recognize You can Only do so Much on Your Own

You need your dentist’s expert eye and specialized tools in order to maintain a clean, fresh and beautiful mouth.  Your floss and toothbrush can only do so much cleaning.  The dentist’s specialized cleaning instruments are necessary to clean those difficult-to-reach portions of your mouth including the built-up plaque and tartar.  The dentist will also perform a check for oral cancer.  

Clean Your Teeth After Each Meal

Add floss, toothpaste and a toothbrush in your purse or backpack.  Clean your teeth after each meal.  If you do not want to carry these items with you, swish with mouth rinse or water after eating.  This rinsing will loosen those bits of food and bacteria stuck to your teeth and gums.  Chewing gum with xylitol to combat bacteria will also help.  Just be sure to chew sugar-free gum so you do not end up with sugar-covered teeth.

Consume the Right Foods

Your teeth and gums need nourishment just like the rest of your body.  Consume a diverse diet of foods that are rich in minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.  Focus your dietary intake on fresh fruits and vegetables.  These colorful fruits and veggies are essential in the fight against gum disease.  Consider finishing off your meals with some cheese.  Cheese helps minimize the effects of acid.

Wait to Brush Your Teeth

Do not brush your teeth right after eating.  Give your teeth an hour prior to brushing so the enamel softens to the point that it is easy to brush away bits of food, bacteria and other particles on your teeth.

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