How to Choose the Right Teeth Straightening Option

How to Choose the Right Teeth Straightening Option

How to choose the right teeth straightening option is an easy decision to make as there are a handful of options for you to choose from when it comes to teeth straightening. Having straighter teeth can easily transform the appearance of your smile. Your smile is an important part of the way you look since its one of the first things people notice.

Popular teeth straightening options

Two options are very popular when it comes to straightening teeth and both work using the same concept. The device exerts a constant force on the wearer’s teeth, gradually pushing them into better alignment over the course of the patient’s treatment.

The two popular teeth straightening options commonly used are:

1. Traditional metal braces

Most people have been around someone who wears one of these. Traditional braces have been around for over a century, and they remain one of the most effective ways to straighten a person’s teeth. These devices are made up of metal brackets that are attached to each tooth and metal wires that are used to connect all the brackets on one side of the jaw with each other. The tighter the metal wires are, the more pressure is applied to the wearer’s tooth, allowing the orthodontist to straighten the smile.

Traditional metal braces are permanent devices that cannot be removed once the dentist inserts them. The brackets are specially glued to the teeth and only removed once the treatment is over. Treatment times are typically somewhere between 1 to 2 years.


  • Braces are permanently attached to the patient’s teeth making them great for children who might not have the discipline needed to use a removable device
  • Braces can be used to deal with most teeth alignment issues
  • Modern braces can be customized with colors and logos to make them more stylish


  • Braces are more conspicuous devices –– they are more easily noticeable in the wearer’s mouth
  • Food gets stuck in the wires and brackets of the device, so wearers must be more diligent about cleaning their teeth thoroughly every day in order to avoid tooth decay
  • Braces make oral hygiene more complicated since the brackets and wires get in the way

2. Clear aligners

An increasing number of patients are choosing to go this route when it comes to straightening their teeth. The treatment involves using plastic trays to gradually push the patient’s teeth into a better alignment. The patient gets multiple trays at the start of the procedure and each is worn for roughly two weeks before being switched with another that pushes the patient’s teeth closer to the desired position. The process is repeated until the patient’s teeth reach the desired position.


  • The aligner trays are removable so they do not get in the way of meals or oral hygiene
  • It provides a discreet way to straighten teeth –– it is virtually impossible to spot the aligner when worn
  • Treatment with clear braces is typically more comfortable


  • It is not always ideal for addressing severe alignment issues
  • The patient needs to wear the device religiously for 22 hours each day for the treatment to be effective; children might have a hard time following this routine
  • Clear aligner trays can be easily lost or misplaced

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