Hidden Consequences of Losing Your Teeth

Hidden Consequences of Losing Your Teeth

Many people lose a permanent tooth at some point in their lives, and some fail to seek a replacement. Others are forced to live with a missing tooth due to budget limitations.

There is no good reason not to replace missing teeth. A gap between your teeth does more than ruin the appearance of your smile. It can also lead to a variety of dental issues, affect your confidence and even alter the appearance of your face. Let us take a closer look at some of the hidden consequences of losing your teeth and failing to replace them.

Negative effects of losing teeth

Jawbone tissue loss

Failing to replace a missing tooth will eventually lead to jawbone tissue loss. The jaw is constantly being stimulated by a tooth’s root when a person eats or speaks. This action sends signals to the jawbone that it needs to remain strong for the person’s teeth.

When a tooth is lost, that area of the jawbone is no longer stimulated by the root. This leads to the bone tissue breaking down since it is no longer being used. It can lead to drastic changes to a person’s appearance and make their face appear sunken.

Crooked teeth

Teeth have a mind of their own in some ways. When a tooth is missing, the others move towards the hole that was created in an attempt to close it. This leads to them moving out of their proper position.

This movement will result in not only a gapped smile but also crooked teeth. Combining that with the bone tissue loss that occurs when a person loses a tooth can significantly alter someone’s appearance.

The person will now have to get an orthodontic treatment and a tooth replacement when addressing the lost tooth would have prevented it all.

Increased risk of tooth decay

Crooked and misaligned teeth are hard to clean. It is also easy for food particles to get lodged between these teeth.

If your oral hygiene habits are not up to par, cavities will eventually start forming on the misaligned teeth. This also leads to other issues like bad breath.

Lost tooth function

When a person is missing a tooth, its function is completely lost. That means the person might not be able to enjoy some of their favorite dishes. It can also lead to the person having difficulty pronouncing certain words.

Address your tooth loss today

There is no reason for anyone to deal with having missing teeth when there are options available to have the tooth replaced. There are a handful of methods that can be used to replace missing teeth like dentures, bridges and implants. Some of these oral prosthetics offer more benefits than others, but all are better than having to deal with the consequences of losing teeth.

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