Dental Bonding to Minimize Gap in Front Teeth

Dental Bonding to Minimize Gap in Front Teeth

If you have a gap between your front teeth, you might be a candidate for dental bonding in Chandler AZ. Dental bonding for gaps to minimize the gap in front teeth is a minimally invasive technique that can close the gap between your teeth and improve your smile. Since the bonding material is matched to your existing teeth, it will not stand out. Learn more about the process and find out if you are a good candidate.

About dental bonding

During the bonding procedure, dentists use composite resin to fix cosmetic imperfections such as gaps in the teeth. The procedure takes a single visit. The process usually takes 30 minutes to one hour to complete. After the procedure, patients can resume normal activities.

Candidates for bonding

Dentists must examine patients before the bonding process. During the examination, dentists determine if patients are good candidates. Good candidates only have small gaps between the teeth. People with alignment issues in all the teeth might not be good candidates. Those patients will likely benefit from another orthodontic treatment.

Preparing the teeth

If the Chandler dentist decides the patient is a good candidate, the procedure can move forward. The dentist begins by preparing the teeth. The surface of the front teeth needs to be etched, and then a conditioning liquid is applied. The conditioning liquid allows the composite resin material to attach to the teeth.

Applying the bonding

Next, the dentist applies the bonding material to the teeth. The material is selected based on the color of the natural teeth. It is a putty-like substance that goes directly on the teeth and fills the gap. After applying it, the dentist shapes it to look like natural teeth. A laser or ultraviolet light is used to harden the material. Then the dentist polishes it.

Considerations before getting bonding

People who are interested in teeth whitening should do so before getting bonding. Dentists match the bonding material with the color of the teeth. If patients get the teeth whitened after the bonding, it will no longer match the teeth. Then additional bonding material might need to be applied to get the cosmetic results that patients want.

Patients also need to understand that composite resin is porous. Smokers and coffee drinkers are likely to stain the material over time. The material also is not as strong as natural teeth. People who bite their nails need to stop before getting bonding, or it could chip and need to be repaired. However, those who do not bite their nails or chew on hard objects with the front teeth can expect the bonding material to last for years.

Do you want dental bonding?

If you have a small gap in your front teeth, you are likely a good candidate for bonding. Your dentist will prepare your front teeth and apply a composite resin material that matches your natural teeth just like with dental implants in Chandler AZ. If you are going to whiten your teeth, do so before you get bonding. Also, avoid foods, beverages and habits that can stain the material, and take proper care of the restoration so that it will not chip.

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