Choose the Right Cosmetic Dentistry Tooth Replacement Options

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Many people are surprised to learn that a cosmetic dentist can administer tooth replacement procedures; however, they absolutely can. While their primary focus is improving the appearance of teeth and gums, cosmetic dentists also focus their efforts on the function of the teeth too, which happens to include replacing missing ones. Most people's smiles cannot look their best when they have missing teeth. Additionally, it can be difficult to eat and speak normally when there are empty gaps. Thankfully, there are plenty of tooth replacement options that can be used for cosmetic purposes.

Cosmetic dentistry tooth replacement

Below is an overview of how a cosmetic dentist can replace missing teeth. When considering tooth replacement, it can be helpful to review the different options that are available.

Dental implants

Dental implants are typically the most recommended tooth replacement option by cosmetic dentists, and oftentimes, general dentists too. When there are missing teeth, dental implants efficiently replace the entire structure, including the root and support system. They are recommended so frequently because they encourage bone stimulation, which is often lost when teeth are missing. 

Dental implants act as a root replacement while working in conjunction with an abutment (connector) and an actual artificial tooth. The artificial tooth options depend on how many teeth need to be replaced. If one or two need to be replaced, then dental crowns may be used. However, if four to six need to be replaced, then a bridge or partial denture may be recommended. 


Another tooth replacement option that cosmetic dentists sometimes recommend is dentures, whether it be partial, full or implant-supported ones. Partial and full dentures do not rely on anything to support them except the teeth and gums. However, implant-supported dentures rely on and attach to dental implants. 

Partial and full dentures are not as popular when undergoing cosmetic dentistry treatment because they tend to slide around, making patients feel as if their smile is not that aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, it can be difficult to adapt to dentures when it comes to eating and speaking, making for an uncomfortable experience. Nonetheless, dentures are an available option for tooth replacement. 

How to choose the best replacement option

A cosmetic dentist is a great resource to utilize when looking to transform the smile, whether it be through tooth replacement or something simpler, such as teeth whitening. Cosmetic dentists are general dentists that specialize in the form and function of the teeth, with an emphasis on improving appearance and aesthetics.

For the most part, dental implants are recommended for almost everyone because they offer so many benefits that other options like dentures do not. They stimulate the jawbone while also allowing for a very natural appearance, especially when combined with dental crowns. Those that want to have an aesthetically pleasing smile may find dental implants to be better. On the flip side, patients who want a quicker and more affordable treatment process will likely benefit from dentures. 

Get started today!

When considering tooth replacement for aesthetic purposes, it is best to undergo a consultation with a cosmetic dentist who can perform an evaluation to determine what the options are. Each patient varies, which means their needs will also vary. While dental implants are the preferred replacement option, not everyone is a good candidate, which is why consultation appointments are so important. To learn more, ask questions or get started with the tooth replacement process, reach out today! 

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