Can Mercury Leak From Amalgam Fillings or Other Dental Fillings? 6 Quick Facts

Mercury Leak

Wanting a little more information on your choices for dental fillings? Good for you! When you have a cavity and you need to get a filling, it really is in your best interest to understand all of your options when it comes to filling that cavity. Time is of the essence as anytime a tooth is jeopardized, it needs to be treated by a dental professional as soon as absolutely possible. Otherwise, it will only continue to get worse and could potentially mean that the tooth will have to be removed. Ready to find out more information about amalgam fillings and whether or not they can leak mercury? Read on…

Can mercury leak from amalgam fillings?

Yes, mercury can leak from amalgam fillings as a vapor. However, according to the International Journal of Dentistry, mercury released from dental amalgam restorations does not contribute to systemic disease or systemic toxicological effects. They add that allergic reaction to mercury from dental amalgam restorations have been demonstrated but are extremely rare and for that reason, there is no justification for discontinuing dental amalgam use from a clinical practice or to remove amalgam fillings for health reasons.

A few facts

The following are a few facts that can help dental patients understand a little bit more about mercury and amalgam fillings.

Fact #1 – amalgam fillings are also known as mercury fillings, metal fillings and silver fillings. They are the different names for the same thing.

Fact #2 – mercury does not actually leak as a liquid from the filling but is instead released as a vapor.

Fact #3 – amalgam fillings are made using a combination of mercury, silver, tin and copper.

Fact #4 – about 50% of the amalgam filling is made from mercury as this is what keeps the filling strong and durable.

Fact #5 – dentists have been using amalgam fillings for more than a hundred years!

Fact #6 – amalgam fillings can last up to 15 years, a very long time for a filling to last.

Our caring team can answer your questions

If you have any questions about dental fillings, be sure to give us a call when you have a few moments so we can provide you with the correct answers. It really is necessary for you to have correct dental information so that you are able to make choices that are ideal for you when it comes to your good oral health. While many people choose amalgam fillings when they need a cavity filled and have no problems, there are other dental patients who tend to be a little more sensitive and therefore need to make a filling choice that is right for them.

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