Can a Cosmetic Dentist Remove Wisdom Teeth

Posted on: March 16, 2018

DentistWisdom Tooth:

Wisdom teeth or third molars are the last 4 out of 32 teeth to emerge in our mouth; they are at the back of your jaw, in the last corner. These teeth start emerging from the age of 17 to 25. The process is obviously uncomfortable and painful to some extent, but if you start to feel a lot of pain, and your gum is swollen or very red there might be some complication; see your dentist immediately.

Wisdom tooth extraction:

Wisdom tooth extraction is a minor surgery in which the patient is under anesthesia. The dentist will make a cut on the gum to extract the third molar. We may also remove a wisdom tooth for fixing braces.

Reason for wisdom tooth extraction:

There are times when a complication in the jaw prevents the wisdom tooth from fully emerging. The structure of the jaw does not allow for it. Thus, the tooth twists or it grows in a wrong position. Plus, it also starts exerting pressure on other teeth and causes crowding, this condition is known as impaction of teeth and it is very painful. If this is the case, professional treatment is necessary.

Some dentists recommend removing wisdom teeth in younger years when they do not develop roots properly.

Who should you consult to get your teeth removed?

When you have to remove your wisdom teeth for one reason or other, who should you consult? A cosmetic/family dentist, periodontist or an oral surgeon? The answer is any one of them. While many of these professionals will have the necessary training to remove your teeth easily, an oral surgeon has specific training in the field of surgery. This includes wisdom tooth extraction, which they compete 4-year hospital-based training after completing their dentistry degree.

Factors to decide upon:

Any dentist can remove a normal tooth but if there is any complication you should consult a specialist. Here are some factors that might help you decide which dentist to choose for teeth extraction.

The condition of your teeth

The condition of your mouth is the most important among them, Nerve injury, constant bleeding, and infections, how badly your teeth are impacted and if the root is decayed are all determinate factors. These teeth can emerge in a wrong position unless a professional remove them before that point.

To figure out the condition of your teeth the dentist will do an oral exam, which includes taking an X-ray of the infected tooth. The X-ray can give information about the position of teeth, its strength and the condition of the root.

Your level of anxiety

Anxiety can also be a deciding factor, and an oral surgeon can provide anesthesia so you could be at ease during the surgery.

Your health condition:

The third deciding factor is your health condition, if you have ongoing health issues it is best to consult with a dental surgeon.

Your dentist will advise you after reviewing the above information. If an extraction is right for you, the dentist will determine if you need an oral surgeon or a regular dentist will suffice.

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Yes, a cosmetic dentist can remove your wisdom teeth since he or she has the proper training for it. However, if there are any complications, an oral surgeon is the more effective choice.

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