6 Everyday Oral Care Tips for Periodontal Health

6 Everyday Oral Care Tips for Periodontal Health

It is important to practice good oral care for the gums as well as the teeth, and failure to maintain good periodontal health can cause serious oral health complications. By having a clear understanding of exactly how to practice good oral care, you can maintain a healthy mouth overall and help ensure your teeth last a lifetime. Here are 6 everyday Oral Care Tips for Periodontal Health

Oral care tips for healthy gums

While most understand how important it is to maintain healthy gums, all too many suffer from periodontitis due to poor oral care. The following are helpful oral care tips for ensuring healthy gums are maintained and the need for expensive dental treatment procedures is avoided.

Brush your entire mouth

Perhaps the most important oral care tip for periodontal health is to brush the entire mouth, rather than just the surface of teeth. It is easy to get complacent with an oral care routine and forget to brush the gums, but it is vital to do so. By simply making a habit of brushing the entire mouth, which includes the gums, cheeks and tongue, teeth and their supporting structures can remain strong and healthy.

Gently care for your gums

A common mistake many make is caring for their gums in a rough manner. When brushing, be sure to brush the surface of the gums in a delicate and gentle manner, while still being thorough and removing any bacteria or food particles that accumulate on the surface. It is also important to floss gently and avoid irritating the gums.

Floss and use mouthwash

There are certain areas of the mouth that cannot be reached through brushing, especially on the gums. Floss and mouthwash work to kill and remove bacteria and food particles in the hard to reach areas of the gums, such as in between teeth and towards the back of the mouth.

Use fluoride treatment

Fluoride should be an important part of any oral care routine. While it is known mainly for its ability to strengthen tooth enamel, it can be helpful with oral health in general, including periodontal health. Be sure to choose a fluoride-based toothpaste and mouthwash to further ensure good oral care is practiced and good oral health overall is maintained.

Limit harmful foods

Foods high in sugar and other carbohydrates can be highly detrimental to one’s overall oral health, and it is encouraged to limit the intake of harmful foods. When harmful food particles combine with bacteria along the gums, it can eat away and weaken the gums and lead to periodontal disease. While it is okay to have a cookie once in a while, be mindful of how your diet affects your oral health.

Visit the dentist regularly

A vital part of any oral care routine should include regular visits to the dentist. For patients with good periodontal health, a visit to the dentist every four to six months may be all that is needed, whereas patients with periodontal disease may need more frequent visits to ensure good oral care is followed.

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