5 Reasons to Invest in Invisalign for Adults

Any type of cosmetic dentistry is a smart investment, a change that improves your smile, oral health, and confidence. It’s amazing what a tweak to your teeth can do for you personally and professionally. Many people have discovered that Invisalign for adults is the right choice for them, allowing them to align their teeth discreetly and get the straight smile they’ve always wanted.

1. You Can Find Time to Make This Happen

Committing to a lengthy dental treatment can be daunting and make a person doubt whether Invisalign for adults is right for them. This option, though, is manageable and reasonable. The entire treatment takes, on average, one year, depending on the complexity of your case and you only need to see your cosmetic dentist for a checkup every six to eight weeks. The rest of the obligations blend right into your day – the trays are changed every two weeks and the aligners are worn for 20 to 22 hours a day.

2. It’s Not Just for Teens

Orthodontic treatment is not reserved exclusively for teens. Whether you had braces in the past, but your teeth reverted to their former positions, or you never had the opportunity to align your smile, you can get those beautiful teeth now. Invisalign for adults is the most subtle option when it comes to orthodontic alternatives, with super-thin, clear trays that move teeth a few at a time until they are all in alignment.

3. They’re Pretty Comfortable

No one is going to tell you that aligners that move your teeth are comfortable all the time. They’re not. They are, after all, shifting crowns and roots simultaneously and with that comes pressure and a little discomfort, particularly when you switch out an old set of trays for a new set. In general, though, Invisalign for adults is easy to wear and eliminates the pokes and jabs that can come from metal brackets and wires. The trays are smooth and slim so they fit snugly against your teeth and don’t hurt the soft tissues of your mouth.

4. There Are No Food Restrictions

Popcorn. Pizza. Apples. Nuts. A braces-wearer’s favorite foods become immediately off-limits when that metal mouth is put in place. Not for the Invisalign wearer. There are no food restrictions because you remove the trays for every meal and snack. The only limitation will be how tender your teeth might feel from being shifted around. Biting into a carrot stick might not feel great, but you have that option should you want it.

5. You’ll Have a Healthier Mouth

You might be surprised to discover that one of the primary motivations for patients to pursue Invisalign for adults is because they want a healthier mouth. Yes, the straight teeth are great, but the benefits of an aligned smile is teeth that are easier to clean and, therefore, far less susceptible to infection or decay. That kind of benefit is hard to beat, especially if you have had to deal with cavities or other oral health problems because of crooked or crowded teeth.

Find Out If You’re a Good Candidate for Invisalign

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