4 Facts About All-On-4 Dental Implants

There are many possible causes of missing teeth, from gum disease to a blow to the mouth to an accident or sports injury. The reason for tooth loss should be addressed right away so it’s easier to fill in the holes that are left behind. For people who are missing an entire arch of teeth, All-On-4 dental implants are the right solution. Here are just some of the things you need to know about this dental restoration.

1. Permanent

One of the biggest worries patients have when it comes to tooth replacement options is whether the solution their dentist provides will be permanent. Dentures – one of the most common ways to replace missing teeth – are long-lasting, but they are removable and require adhesive and muscle to stay in place.

Dental implants are not removable. All-On-4 uses four dental implants placed strategically in the jawbone for the greatest rate of success. Once the surgical areas are healed, one denture is attached to the implants for good.

2. Comfortable

All-On-4 dental implants are not only natural-looking they feel natural too. Once you get used to having teeth in your mouth again, you’ll quickly get used to relying on your teeth. The implants themselves are firmly in place and work just like natural teeth while also replacing the original tooth root. You’ll never feel them or have to think about them being part of your smile.

Dental implants eliminate many of the drawbacks of dentures, like soreness, irritation, pain, and unreliability. There is no bulk. You can bite, chew, speak, and smile confidently with a complete smile that looks and feels good.

3. Perfect Fit

One of the biggest complaints denture-wearers have is that their appliances don’t fit perfectly. They feel too big or too small, they slip out of place or are unreliable. Unfortunately, dentures can loosen over time. They are designed to sit on the gum tissue, but this positioning will fade as the jawbone deteriorates with age, requiring adjustments.

With All-On-4, the jawbone is stimulated constantly since the dental implants take the place of natural tooth roots. Many denture-wearers transition to dental implants to achieve that coveted ideal fit – something they may have thought wasn’t possible.

4. Look Natural

No one wants teeth that look fake. Getting a dental restoration that is unique to you and perfect for your mouth is the best way to ensure a natural-looking smile – and that happens with All-On-4 dental implants. All dental implants are designed to blend into a person’s smile and look like their original teeth.

Your teeth will be white but not super-white, so they look completely natural. They will be created perfectly for the shape and size of your mouth. They will, above all, look just right for your smile so they look like your natural teeth.

Is All-On-4 the Right Solution for You?

Don’t let your smile, speech, or eating ability be negatively impacted by the lack of teeth. Don’t let your face change shape because your smile is incomplete. Schedule a consultation with Impressions Dental to find out whether All-On-4 is right for you and get ready to say goodbye to embarrassment.