3 Ways to Replace Missing Teeth

A missing tooth is a serious oral health problem and a condition that can have several causes. Maybe an adult tooth never erupted, a tooth was knocked out in an accident or sporting match, or you suffer from gum disease and have begun to lose teeth. The cause of missing teeth matters because it affects what dental restorations you’re qualified for. Here are just some of the ways to replace missing teeth.

1. Dental Implants

A lost tooth also means a lost tooth root. Dental implants replace both crown and root, stimulating the jawbone and helping the face maintain its shape. With this solution, teeth regain health and strength for a sturdy smile.

  • Dental implants can be placed for one tooth or several teeth.
  • The All-On-4 procedure replaces an entire arch of teeth using just four dental implants.
  • Implant-supported dentures use the best of both restorations for a secure smile makeover.

2. Implant Dentures

Most people with missing teeth balk at the idea of anything to do with dentures. In fact, many people avoid the dentist because they don’t want the idea of dentures to be suggested as a solution for the holes in their smile. But here’s the reality about implant dentures:

  • They are permanent. Once snapped into place, the implant dentures stay there. They are permanently attached to the implant post.
  • No adhesive needed. Dread the idea of messy, unreliable adhesives? Suction and sticking power are unnecessary to stay attached with implant dentures.
  • They are secure. Bite, chew, and talk confidently with this restoration that looks, feels, and functions like natural teeth.
  • They’re comfortable. Full dentures cover the palate but implant dentures are anchored in the jawbone so there is no interference with sensation or taste.

3. Partial Dentures

There main types of dentures include complete and temporary dentures, but one of the most attractive appliances is a partial denture. This solution replaces just a few missing teeth, usually in the same area of your mouth.

  • Customized on a metal framework.
  • Held in place by a plastic, gum-colored base.
  • Blends into the rest of your smile.
  • Removable.

These aren’t your grandparents’ dentures, they’re a modern version of tooth replacement that doesn’t require a great deal of upkeep and is comfortable to wear. Most of all, the solution looks natural so your entire smile does too.

Why It’s Necessary to Replace Missing Teeth

Every tooth in your mouth has a purpose, and when one is lost it’s essential get it replaced as soon as possible. By doing this, you strengthen the jawbone, help prevent neighboring teeth from suffering damage or falling out, eliminate tissue damage, and stop misalignment from occurring. Missing teeth mean an unstable smile and more and more oral health problems.

If you have one or more missing teeth, schedule a consultation with Dr. Brigham Baker and his team at Impressions Dental in Chandler, AZ, to find out which dental restorations are right for you.